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Weatherstation Neudrossenfeld - Nordbayern
The Website provides information and services based on private stations' collected and analyzed data.
Layout and design in the whole as well as every single element or component are copyrighted.
The operator is not liable for incorrect predictions, transmission errors, deficiencies or malfunctions and their impacts. In addition, the operator is not responsible for updating, accuracy, integrity or quality of meteorological information and performance delays or for reasons of force majeure or in case of events that would hinder the operator's performance or render the impossible, especially with strikes, lockouts, official orders or failure of communication networks and interference etc ... even if they occurred in the operator's suppliers or contractors and / or subcontractors. We therefore disclaim all liability for damages arising from the use of information and services of this website.

Do not use the data for personal purpose in any circumstances, please consult the official weather agencies for that.